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"I absolutely love this store! There is not a better resale store for miles." - Sharon Levitt


What items will you accept?

We accept women's better brand clothing and accessories, sizes 0-14, in season. (See "How To Consign")

When can I bring items in?

New consignors, by appointment for the 1st time, then you have the choice from then on whether you want an appointment or to utilize our Drop & Dash. (See "How To Consign")

Do you buy outright?

Sometimes we do buy outright. We usually pay garage sale prices when buying outright. Our experience is that you'll usually make more money consigning items, but if you would rather not consign, we will make you an offer to buy your items. You can call to make an appointment for Robin (owner) to view your items and offer you a cash or check buy-out if you prefer to sell your items.

What happens if my items do not sell?

After 60 days, we donate the unsold items to charity or the items become the property of the store.  We donate to Women's Assistance League.  Donation receipts are available upon request.

What if I want my unsold items back?

The only unsold items that can be returned are pre-specified when brought in, designer/upscale items (ie. Louis Vuitton, Coach etc...). You must pick them up during the last week of the contract period.  You will not be called, it is your responsibility to remember.  Please call us 2-3 days ahead of time to allow us time to pull your items.  There will be a $1.00 return fee per item.

Who sets the prices?

We do.  We know what our customers are willing to pay for items.  When you consign with us, we are in business together and we will price your items as high as possible yet still make them marketable.  If you consign something that you feel is very valuable please let us know so we can price it accordingly.  To price designer purses, we must have proof of authenticity or we may not be able to price them at top dollar.

What are the advantages to consigning with you vs. having a garage sale?

We will do all the work and probably make you more money.  We will: • consign your items for 60 days • do all the advertising • be open 6 days a week • provide dressing rooms • display items nicely in our store • save you hours of labor • make you more money -- Example: Jeans, garage sale price $2.00, our price $10.00 (you get $4.00)

Do you have layaway?

Yes!  We have a 30 day layaway policy with 25% down.

Why should I consign with My Girlfriend's Closet vs another shop?

My Girlfriend's Closet has: • a computerized system • web availability to check your consignment income • a website • online shopping • e-mail communication • a clean boutique atmosphere • a great location • open one evening during the week for the working gal • friendly salespeople • advertising • donate to charities and you receive the tax receipt • great customers! And newly consigned items coming in daily!!

How can I receive information on new items just in and sales?

Just sign up either in our store on on our website to be on our e-mail list and you will be added to our monthly newsletter.  In that newsletter will be updates on events, new items just in, coupons and sales....just for our preferred customers!! 

What is Drop & Dash?

Drop & Dash is for existing consignors to drop off their items without an appointment.  The same stipulations apply to bringing in consigned items as with an appointment except you will not receive a receipt, items will not be returned and we will not go through your clothes at the time of drop off.   It is easy to do!

Do you sell faux or fake designer purses?

No, we absolutely do not!!  If we research your purse and find out it is a fake/faux, you will be charged $20 per purse to get it back or it will be donated.  It is against the law to buy/sell/trade fake designer purses.

Where do my clothes go after 60 days?

All clothes become the property of My Girlfriend's Closet but we donate a majority of the items to Women's Assistance League in Temecula and you receive the tax write-off.

Why won't you take Target, Wal-Mart etc... type brands?

We are an upscale consignment boutique.  Plus we are limited in space and we must select brands that our customers are looking for.

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